HSG International GmbH - About us...

We focus on top quality in material and processing of our products. Our biggest concern is that you are satisfied as a customer with our products.
We supply only certified original premium quality made in Germany.
Before the products leave our house, they undergo various quality tests.
You get from us:

  • Exchange Turbochargers
  • new turbochargers
  • Turbocharger Gasket Sets
  • Exchange injectors
  • new injectors
  • new pump-nozzle units
  • reconditioned pump-nozzle units
  • new diesel particulate filter
  • regenerated diesel particulate filter
  • Diesel particulate filter retrofit kits
  • new high-pressure pumps
  • reconditioned high-pressure Pumps
  • and much more. - Ask us!

As a service we offer the repair of turbochargers, injectors and the cleaning of diesel particulate filters.